It all started when...

Since 1993 the Ceccotti family enhanced the expertise and capabilities in managing and hand-crafting textiles in the clothing sector. The knowledge spread until nowadays, where Lionello Ceccotti realizes an extreme top-quality product: the tailor made shirt.

Lionello Ceccotti undertakes the business of sales representative specialized on shirts, increasing its portfolio of customers as time went by: "For me man clothing has always been a real passion, I was born in a fashion environment, and grew up with my father's tips, he had a suits store. I literally fell in love with the concept of the tailor made shirt, your personalized shirt, with your favorite textile, print, color and initials. I simply chased my biggest dream, and now I'm working with 100% Italian fabrics, creating a perfect shirt, the customers trust me and I'm proud of it!"

Now it's time to spread it in Australia, where Lionello Ceccotti's daughter, Carolina, is representing the family business and offering exactly the same service as in Italy, using the same fabrics and patterns directly from Italy: "As my father did, I grew up in a family of artisans, living the Italian tradition. I know everything about men and women fashion. I actually live in Australia, which loves the Italian style and manufacturing! I want to make my father proud of me, realizing my dream as he did long time ago, but especially honoring the spirit of Italian craftsmanship!".

The textiles are produced exclusively in the area of Biella and Como, using only italan-based raw materials and exploiting ages of tradition in art of yarn making.

After textiles are carefully selected, the production of the tailor-made shirt occurs in the main lab located in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany where it is hand-crafted considering the requests of each client, finely prepared and packaged to be delivered.