Inspired by women, who love to feel comfortable, sexy and fashionable, wearing the highest quality. Our unique styles are 100% Italian made fabrics produced in Tuscany.

Our collection consists of 12 pieces, in 2 separate cuts, the boyfriend style and the shirt dress, all one size

Anchored by classic tailoring, but versatile for any occasion, business, casual, perfect for the beach or a drink with friends!

Versatile, fashionable, and liberating


The Shirt Dress


The boyfriend Style

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tailors since 1993...

Our tailor made shirts is the foundation from where we grew our collection.

We work only with 100% quality Italian fabrics, perfect for all occasions, formalcasualbusiness and weddings

Our priority is to make our customers feel comfortable with what they are wearing, and their happiness is what motivates us to create more !

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If you've never bought a tailor made shirt, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Book a fitting in the contacts section to find out more, its that easy!

We have a few fabrics and styles to suit all occasions and budgets but also for your body shape. With our help you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Once your first fitting is completed and confirmed for order, your shirt will be made within 25 days. After we arrange a second fitting for any necessary adjustments needed.

We keep your measurements on file to make the process easier if you wish to make any future orders.


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